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TOPICS (30 hours) Questions, answer sheets & memo. Grade 8 examination paper.

  1. Accounting theory
  2. Accounting equation
  3. Subsidiary journals & posting
  4. Financial statements
  5. Analysis & interpretation

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TOPICS (30 hours) Questions, answer sheets & memo.

  1. Accounting theory, terms and concepts, theory on ledger accounts, theory on accounting equation & subsidiary journals & trial balance & financial statements.
  2. Accounting equation, elements of the accounting equation, effect of transactions on the accounting equation & general ledger, double entry principle and the accounting equation,
  3. Subsidiary journals & posting, recording of transactions,
  4. Financial statements, trial balance and financial statements, preparation of financial statements.
  5. Analysis & interpretation, missing data in general ledger accounts, analysis of trial balance, income statement & balance sheet,

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